Boost your pipeline with Performer 2.7

PERFORMER 2.7 is now live adding brand new and exciting features to both Single-View and Multi-View software versions.

Annotation got smarter

Achieve more productive and time saving annotation using the “Smart Annotation” feature. It now displays a 3D mesh – like in the MV version – that gives a visual feedback as to how well the annotation approximates the actor’s face shape. A sequential annotation process now assists you in placing key landmarks (1) to estimate Translation (tip of nose), Rotation (eyes corner), Mouth, etc…  Annotation becomes simpler and less error-prone. When using Default Calibration, you can also manually tune the focal length to match your camera (2).

In addition, new buttons will allow you to close precisely and without risk of errors, the inside of the mouth and the eyes (3).

Last but not least, you can now annotate faster and more accurately using keyboard arrows as shortcuts to move points.

Audio is now supported

You can now use audio in Performer session mode to check tracking and animation results so you can get your character speaking and adjust lip sync. Audio is also particularly helpful to identify tricky phonemes (m and n, b and p for example).

Audio can be either extracted from the video input selection window or read from an external file.

You can sync audio and video at any time, during the input  selection and in session mode. Audio is managed per shot in the session mode.




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Previously in October : Mocap Summit Mexico

Dynamixyz was one of the main sponsors of the 1st Mocap Summit ever organised in Latin America, a great opportunity made possible by Kidzkorner Studio. The event called Mocap Summit MX took place from October 3 to October 5 in Mexico City.

First day was dedicated to conferences held by top Video Games and Mocap industry companies and universities such as Epic Games, Optitrack, Vancouver Film School…etc. Our CTO, Nicolas Stoiber introduced the audience to the benefits of our markerless facial Mocap technology Performer, raising discussions about generic/specific tracking and single/multi view capture.

Second and third days were dedicated to workshops so that students could get hands on facial and body motion capture technologies as well as practice mocap performance acting.

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Dynamixyz News page is live!

This is one of our 2019 resolutions. Updating regularly this page with what’s going on @Dynamixyz: new features, new products, new projects, tips and announcements… Stay tuned to discover what the future will bring in terms of facial mocap innovations!