Previously in October : Mocap Summit Mexico

Dynamixyz was one of the main sponsors of the 1st Mocap Summit ever organised in Latin America, a great opportunity made possible by Kidzkorner Studio. The event called Mocap Summit MX took place from October 3 to October 5 in Mexico City.

First day was dedicated to conferences held by top Video Games and Mocap industry companies and universities such as Epic Games, Optitrack, Vancouver Film School…etc. Our CTO, Nicolas Stoiber introduced the audience to the benefits of our markerless facial Mocap technology Performer, raising discussions about generic/specific tracking and single/multi view capture.

Second and third days were dedicated to workshops so that students could get hands on facial and body motion capture technologies as well as practice mocap performance acting.

This was made possible thanks to the help of Centro university and an amazing team work with John Dower, Richard Dorton and Pascal Langdale from the Mocap Vaults, CJ Markham from Mocap Now, Ari Karczag, CVC Grupo, Optitrack, and David Hurtubise from Epic Games. Together we managed to stream in real-time the retargeting of both face and body students tracking on Paragon characters in Unreal in the blink of an eye.

We were impressed by so much interest and creativity from the students and we’re looking forward to discovering how Mocap has inspired them.
More info on Mocap Summit MocapSummit MX Facebook page.
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