Grabber 3.2 on air

We are very excited to introduce you to Grabber 3.2 bringing you new amazing features.

Go Multi-view

Grabber 3.2 is now supporting multi-view recording & tracking. It works with all industry standard solutions as well as Dynamixyz MV HMC.

Be ready to set the tune

Improving audio support, we made it possible to monitor the audio from the input, and to redirect everything to the audio output device of your choice.

Audio delaying has also been added. When using live tracking with your favorite 3D Engine (Unreal, Unity…), a slight delay due to tracking computation and 3D rendering might be experienced. Particularly useful during live performances, the delay feature lets you adjust perfect lip synchronization between the voice of your actor and the result of the animation.

Audio can be heard, but also seen! We added a couple of VuMeters to help you visualize and troubleshoot audio issues before recording.


New live tracking / retargeting features

Our tracking pipeline features a new face detection algorithm, making the face re-initialization more accurate. The tracker also takes advantage of the latest improvements in term of speed and robustness.

Automatic neutral pose resetting: Grabber 3.2 resets the neutral pose once the “stop tracking” button is pressed. This means the animation result is still looking good even if the actor suddenly takes the HMC off while tracking is on.

Last but not least, it is now possible to fine-tune the retargeter smoothing per solver (lower face, gaze, upper face).



Xsens trigger now supported

This is a new network trigger addition to the list of already existing ones: Optitrack, Vicon, MotionAnalysis…. It is now possible to start a body mocap recording session on Xsens MVN Studio. The take name will be identical in both Grabber and MVN Studio.




Small but useful features

We added a bunch of features that will make you gain productivity on a daily basis:

  • Disable rotation in output video file to improve recording speed







  • Framerate display of the input source





  • Reordering the list of video files, showing a play icon next to the active file

  • Quick access to documentation




  • 2 new command lines arguments:
  • ◦ –net_monitor: allow to specify a specific port for incoming Monitor3 connections◦ –name: allow to give a name to the starting Grabber.
  • Adding useful information in “About” window (licence details, available drivers, build information)








Important note :

– Grabber3 v2.0.0 is only working with realtime profile exported with Performer 2.7.

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