Dynamixyz in the spotlight

This fall brought our name to the credits of 2 innovative world & press acclaimed productions.

1st one – as mentioned by a Quartz journalist – broke a ton of records. Over $725 millions in worldwide sales just 3 days after its launch. 6 years of work, 2000 pages of script, 2200 days of Mocap work, 700 actors for 500,000 lines of dialogue and 300,000 animations, 3 Games Awards – among which the Best Performance for Roger Clarke… And the list is not likely coming to an end.

We were so proud to appear in the credits of Rockstar Games latest release Red Dead Redemption 2. It is such a great pleasure for our team!




2nd one – Chained: a Victorian nightmare was described as “immersive theater experience that uses VR” by its creator Justin Denton  in an interview for Variety.

Participants are invited to step into Victorian-era London, keep the company of ghosts, and confront their own past, present, and future through a bone-chilling journey of self-discovery in an evocative new vision for A Christmas Carol, adapted from Charles Dickens classic tale.

In this single-guest experience, people interact with live actors in both real and virtual spaces, traveling through an extremely detailed physical set into the spirit world of 19th-century London. The show, taking place in Los Angeles has quickly sold out and been extended until January the 20th. Chained uses our Real-Time facial mocap system. This is a great showcase of our technology!

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