Meet our new Smart Sync Box

Our R&D team has been hardworking for a few months prototyping a unique facial mocap shooting assistant.

This little clever electronic device comes with a user-friendly interface that:

  • Handles effective lighting by strobing LED ring(s) synchronized with the shutter of the camera(s).
    Strobing LED rings ensure more consistent illumination conditions and less interference with optical body mocap systems. Also, the actor can easily switches the LED ring(s) on and off when the shooting starts and stops for a maximum comfort.
  • Synchronises several cameras when recording with stereo systems.
  • Lets you monitor and adjust recording settings such as frames per second, exposure time, gain, HMC IDs… directly on the Head Mounted System.
  • Receives information and commands wirelessly from a server using FM band so there is no issue like with traditional wireless systems.  A server can handle up to 8 Smart Sync Boxes with a unique ID.
  • Exchanges information with Dynamixyz video recording and monitoring software, Grabber.

The Smart Sync box will be commercially available as a standalone component and embedded in each Dynamixyz stereo Head Mounted system from beginning of July 2019.

Prices are available upon request.

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