Update and track in a blink of an eye

Here comes August with a hot new release of Performer 2.7.1 including :

  • retargeting profile creation for Live instant,
  • blinks detection and interpolation of eyes moves,
  • options to import links from your 3D scene,
  • and a few GUI improvements.

Grabber3 2.1 revamped its main menu to integrate Live Instant and new tools for video playback.

➡ LIVE INSTANT, our new instant real-time tracking solution announced and demonstrated earlier in June at Mifa in Annecy, is now available.

To play with Live Instant, you need at least the Live Instant version of both Performer, an updated version of Grabber and a Bridge plug-in.

The Live Instant version of Performer, Performer LI, will let you create your retargeting profile for instant live tracking.

Once you’ve created your project, you’ll get to a new interface with a preset tracking profile illustrated with a range of predefined poses of our 3D friend Rombot.

You will then have to connect Performer to your 3D software with the Bridge and retarget the poses you observe on Rombot towards your 3D rigged character, as in the classic version of Performer. You’ll then have to export your retargeting profile for real-time and load one of the live trackers in Grabber.


If you’ve already got Dynamixyz real-time solution, you need to update both Performer and Grabber to these new versions and select the “Live Instant project” in “Cameras config” dropdown menu of the Project Creation section  in the first screen.





A few changes have also been brought to Grabber3 2.1 interface. The “Project” section, previously available in the menu, has been merged with the “Tracker” section, inviting you to load “LivePro”, “LiveInstant” or open a recent real-time profile.

To start the Live Instant tracker, select “Load LiveInstant” in the “Tracker” menu and then upload your face entity set. Connect to your real-time scene and you’re ready to animate, tracking live anyone you want.

➡ The main major feature released in Performer 2.7.1 helps you detect blinks automatically in a tracking session and lets you interpolate eyes moves.


If the automatic detection fails, you can add manually a blink area or delete it.

Eye blinks have always been a nightmare for animators when tracking gaze as they affect the tracking as shown on the left.



You can now identify blink in the timeline and correct the eyes moves so it does not impact the tracking.



➡ You now have different options to import pose links from your 3D scene. You can choose to use the retargeting links from a different face entity set, to keep them as specified in your session, to assign all poses to all solvers or reset them manually.













➡ We also redesigned the Face Entity Set management changing text buttons into icons.

➡ Regarding additional changes in GRABBER 3.2.1, the section “Tools” is now available in the menu and lets you set up options – both in beta – for video playback such as Use GPU hardware decoding to optimise performances or play audio stream.

Please refer to the technical documentation under the “Help” menu to get the exhaustive list of changes in PERFORMER 2.7.1 and Grabber3 2.1.

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