Dynamixyz Asian tour in November

We’ve welcome two resellers in Dynamixyz Asian network: Tracklab in Australia and Galore Systems in India. That is a good opportunity to join forces and send part of Dynamixyz team to attend two major events happening in Asia this month:

Both events will be showcasing Live Pro, our real-time facial mocap system dedicated to a specific set of facial features of an actor and Live Instant tracking in real-time any face.

Visitors will discover a virtual TV news stage designed in Unreal by Dynamixyz CG team and attend live TV reporter Sandy De La Perdrix show interviewing live Mocap superhero Superbot.

Sandy de La Perdrix character will be animated live by an actor/actress with Live Pro for the face and Xsens MVN for the body while Superbot will be played by random visitors with Live Instant. Superbot body will be animated with pre-recorded footage with Xsens.

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