Xmas release made your features requests come true

First great news of this end of year is that versions of Grabber and Performer now match and we’re talking about the “2.8 version” for both software.

A new version of Live Instant is now embedded in Performer and Grabber latest release enabling a better generic tracking. It includes:

  • a reshape of 3D models templates and revision of the algorithm to get a more accurate reconstruction
  • a set of landmarks more evenly distributed
  • a quicker tracking (frame per second higher)
  • a refinement of the post-processing step (retargeting)

We’ve tested it ourselves during SiggraphAsia and were happy about the results: check those out!


Coming with PERFORMER 2.8:

  • Our Xmas Performer favorite feature: managing multiple profiles of an actor during batch processing in one Performer project

Performer 2.8 now lets you handle multiple settings of profiles during batch processing. That means, you can refine your profile with new frames, take after take, and build a dedicated set of poses for each scene and then process multiple data with different settings.

That can be helpful when you get shots with a specific set of expressions (sadness, anger…) for a character or a specific illumination type. Your tracking will get more precise taking into account those different settings in multiple different videos for one same Performer project.

  • Major improvements have been brought to the Face Entity Set so you can manage it more easily. We’ve added a line of information displaying the number of entities and errors, and a search bar. You now also get notified when something is going wrong with your entities such as a 3D scene update, change in bones names… You can fix related problems without reediting your retargeting links or recreating your face entity set from scratch.

  • At last but not least, we’ve been improving eyebrows fitting so that it fits to any morphology (even to Santa Klaus hairy eyebrows). Eyebrows tracking is now better when annotating the neutral pose.


GRABBER 2.8 version unveils:



A completely revamped technical documentation with updated GUI screenshots.


A “Developer” section has been added with some details about the network protocols used in Grabber.

We made it user-friendly so feel free to jump to to the “Help” section whenever you’re stuck!





  • A highlight of essential Grabber’s features: tracking and recording as illustrated in the screenshot aside:
  1. new tracking and tracking settings icons
  2. glow effect around the preview while tracking
  3. addition of the name for the next take following the predefined name patte

Buttons also got a bigger to avoid misclicks during live performances.




We also improved the way Grabber exchanges with the Smart Sync Box:

  • The range of frequency rates available for recording with our Head Mounted Camera has been extended:
    • 48 fps
    • 50 fps
    • 60 fps
    • 96 fps
    • 100 fps
    • 120 fps
  • The Smart Sync Box now takes into account and displays  the recording info from Grabber.
  • Also the Smart Sync Box can receive the “start recording” command from a TC server.
We hope you’ll like it. Feel free to reach back to us with your comments and feedbacks at: support@dynamixyz.com.


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