Close up on the Smart Sync Box

Get maximum control and efficiency during your performance recording sessions ⚡️


A few months ago we introduced our Smart Sync Box as a Research & Development outcome. It is now coming with every Head Mounted Camera system equipped with strobing LED rings.



Dynamixyz has launched a range of Head Mounted Cameras equipped with LED rings strobing light instead of a led strip delivering a continuous spectrum. Strobing LED rings ensure more consistent illumination conditions, a key for a markerless performance capture session.

Each HMC equipped with a LED ring comes with a smart sync box.

This sync device includes multiple smart features bringing maximum control to your performance recording sessions.

Focus on the Smart Sync Box

The box handles:

  • Synchronisation of cameras while recording with a stereo camera system
  • Management of strobing LED ring(s) in sync with the shutter of the camera(s)
  • Monitoring, setting up and starting of the recording (sending info to Grabber software)
  • Getting info wirelessly from a TC server using FM band (to avoid interferences with traditional wireless systems).

Dynamixyz also designs proprietary TC servers that can handle up to 8 Smart Sync Boxes with a unique ID.

TC server can set and get information from Monitor software so that you can handle multiple HMCs from one User interface.

TC servers can run simultaneously on 5 different channels bringing the maximum of actors getting recorded at the same time to 40.



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