About Us

Founded in April 2010, the success of Dynamixyz’ award-winning Performer software is the culmination of more than a decade of specializing in quality 3D face analysis and synthesis. The founders provide a strong core of R&D power to a constantly evolving market. Adding to a dedicated team of six PhD’s, leading research with one of the most famous French “Grande Ecole”, other team members also bring deep experience in computer programming and optimisation, international sales and partnership management.

The Performer Solution is Dynamixyz’ award-winning video-based facial capture and analysis solution. Since 2003, Dynamixyz’ team of PhD’s and engineers have designed animation systems, provided real-time photorealistic skin rendering, and developed advanced motion capture systems. The challenge of capturing the human face has always been the team’s specialist focus and, as a result, Dynamixyz’ Performer Solution has proved to be one of the most stable markerless facial tracking systems in the world.