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Dynamixyz Asian tour in November

We’ve welcome two resellers in Dynamixyz Asian network: Tracklab in Australia and Galore Systems in India. That is a good opportunity to join forces and send part of Dynamixyz team to attend two major events happening in Asia this month: Siggraph Asia in Brisbane, Australia 17-20 November India Game Developer Conference in Hyderabad, India  22-23 November Both […]

Perfomer: the machine-learning software behind Framestore’s Smart Hulk’s face animation

We were thrilled to learn our facial mocap technology had been used by Framestore in the the latest Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. Along with ILM, Framestore was responsible for creating Smart Hulk. Studio delivered 300 VFX shots of this never-seen-before Bruce Banner/Hulk’s Hybrid. From ILM first developments, Framestore worked on their our own muscle system, added to […]

Update and track in a blink of an eye

Here comes August with a hot new release of Performer 2.7.1 including : retargeting profile creation for Live instant, blinks detection and interpolation of eyes moves, options to import links from your 3D scene, and a few GUI improvements. Grabber3 2.1 revamped its main menu to integrate Live Instant and new tools for video playback.

Scan-based realistic facial animation

Together with Pixelgun Studio, a 3D high-end scanning agency, we’ve just released a Proof of Concept demonstrating facial tracking trained directly from scans, along with a direct solve on a rig in Maya, delivering high-fidelity raw results. This technology breakthrough lets you track and solve to the digital double of an actor with a very […]

Dynamixyz line-up at Siggraph 2019

  Featuring: Our new scan-based tracking and solving technology, Live Pro Multi-View (real-time tracking system), streaming live recorded video data in Unreal Engine, Performer and Grabber latest software addition.   Other happenings “on the floor”: ➡  Dynamixyz is a partner of the Birds of Feather Virtual Beings World held at the Siggraph Convention Centre on Monday, July 29, […]

Behind the Scenes of Eight VR

Eight VR is a mixed reality project by Dutch composer and director Michel van der Aa, a trailblazing fusion of musical theatre and VR. Eight tells the story of a woman’s life in reverse chronological order. Visitors, equipped with VR goggles and headphones, move through a physical installation. They can manipulate physical and virtual objects […]

Performer Multi-View use for Love Death + Robots – Beyond the Aquila Rift – facial animation

We were thrilled to visit our client​ ​Unit Image​ in Paris, France, last January to get their feedback after they included our Multi-View Performer software in their facial animation production pipeline for one of​ ​LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS​ short 3D animated film​s​:Beyond the Aquila Rift. The whole story started more than one year ago when Unit […]

Meet our new Smart Sync Box

Our R&D team has been hardworking for a few months prototyping a unique facial mocap shooting assistant. This little clever electronic device comes with a user-friendly interface that: Handles effective lighting by strobing LED ring(s) synchronized with the shutter of the camera(s). Strobing LED rings ensure more consistent illumination conditions and less interference with optical body […]

Sing and Dance during Annecy Animation Film Festival

We’ll be showcasing a fun & unique demo “Karaoxyz” in partnership with Xsens at MIFA taking place in Annecy from June, 11th to June, 14th 2019. Visitors will embody a 3D character streamed in Unreal Engine and sing along as a TV talent show with a Karaoke set-up. The character’s face will be animated with Dynamixyz […]

Live Instant just tracks and retargets any face in real-time

We’ve just launched a new set of real-time solutions with a brand new generic tracking technology named Live Instant, along with our existing specific real-time tracking technology renamed Live Pro. “We’ve received an increasing demand for live-only systems – particularly for VR plays and live events for the last 18 months” – Dr Gaspard Breton, Dynamixyz […]