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Update and track in a blink of an eye

Here comes August with a hot new release of Performer 2.7.1 including : retargeting profile creation for Live instant, blinks detection and interpolation of eyes moves, options to import links from your 3D scene, and a few GUI improvements. Grabber3 2.1 revamped its main menu to integrate Live Instant and new tools for video playback.

Scan-based realistic facial animation

Together with Pixelgun Studio, a 3D high-end scanning agency, we’ve just released a Proof of Concept demonstrating facial tracking trained directly from scans, along with a direct solve on a rig in Maya, delivering high-fidelity raw results. This technology breakthrough lets you track and solve to the digital double of an actor with a very […]

Dynamixyz line-up at Siggraph 2019

  Featuring: Our new scan-based tracking and solving technology, Live Pro Multi-View (real-time tracking system), streaming live recorded video data in Unreal Engine, Performer and Grabber latest software addition.   Other happenings “on the floor”: ➡  Dynamixyz is a partner of the Birds of Feather Virtual Beings World held at the Siggraph Convention Centre on Monday, July 29, […]

Behind the Scenes of Eight VR

Eight VR is a mixed reality project by Dutch composer and director Michel van der Aa, a trailblazing fusion of musical theatre and VR. Eight tells the story of a woman’s life in reverse chronological order. Visitors, equipped with VR goggles and headphones, move through a physical installation. They can manipulate physical and virtual objects […]

Performer Multi-View use for Love Death + Robots – Beyond the Aquila Rift – facial animation

We were thrilled to visit our client​ ​Unit Image​ in Paris, France, last January to get their feedback after they included our Multi-View Performer software in their facial animation production pipeline for one of​ ​LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS​ short 3D animated film​s​:Beyond the Aquila Rift. The whole story started more than one year ago when Unit […]

Meet our new Smart Sync Box

Our R&D team has been hardworking for a few months prototyping a unique facial mocap shooting assistant. This little clever electronic device comes with a user-friendly interface that: Handles effective lighting by strobing LED ring(s) synchronized with the shutter of the camera(s). Strobing LED rings ensure more consistent illumination conditions and less interference with optical body […]

Sing and Dance during Annecy Animation Film Festival

We’ll be showcasing a fun & unique demo “Karaoxyz” in partnership with Xsens at MIFA taking place in Annecy from June, 11th to June, 14th 2019. Visitors will embody a 3D character streamed in Unreal Engine and sing along as a TV talent show with a Karaoke set-up. The character’s face will be animated with Dynamixyz […]

Live Instant just tracks and retargets any face in real-time

We’ve just launched a new set of real-time solutions with a brand new generic tracking technology named Live Instant, along with our existing specific real-time tracking technology renamed Live Pro. “We’ve received an increasing demand for live-only systems – particularly for VR plays and live events for the last 18 months” – Dr Gaspard Breton, Dynamixyz […]

Unveiling Dynamixyz Stereo HMC

Dynamixyz now offers a complete Multi-View Markerless facial Mocap system including both software and hardware. Like every HMC from the range, Dynamixyz Stereo HMC is robust, light and compact, leaving the field of view unobstructed bringing maximum comfort for the performer and the Mocap technician. The Stereo comes in 3 versions: Tethered, Wireless (as described below) […]

Dynamixyz in the spotlight

This fall brought our name to the credits of 2 innovative world & press acclaimed productions. 1st one – as mentioned by a Quartz journalist – broke a ton of records. Over $725 millions in worldwide sales just 3 days after its launch. 6 years of work, 2000 pages of script, 2200 days of Mocap work, […]