Update and track in a blink of an eye

Here comes August with a hot new release of Performer 2.7.1 including :

  • retargeting profile creation for Live instant,
  • blinks detection and interpolation of eyes moves,
  • options to import links from your 3D scene,
  • and a few GUI improvements.

Grabber3 2.1 revamped its main menu to integrate Live Instant and new tools for video playback.

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Meet our new Smart Sync Box

Our R&D team has been hardworking for a few months prototyping a unique facial mocap shooting assistant.

This little clever electronic device comes with a user-friendly interface that:

  • Handles effective lighting by strobing LED ring(s) synchronized with the shutter of the camera(s).
    Strobing LED rings ensure more consistent illumination conditions and less interference with optical body mocap systems. Also, the actor can easily switches the LED ring(s) on and off when the shooting starts and stops for a maximum comfort.
  • Synchronises several cameras when recording with stereo systems.
  • Lets you monitor and adjust recording settings such as frames per second, exposure time, gain, HMC IDs… directly on the Head Mounted System.
  • Receives information and commands wirelessly from a server using FM band so there is no issue like with traditional wireless systems.  A server can handle up to 8 Smart Sync Boxes with a unique ID.
  • Exchanges information with Dynamixyz video recording and monitoring software, Grabber.

The Smart Sync box will be commercially available as a standalone component and embedded in each Dynamixyz stereo Head Mounted system from beginning of July 2019.

Prices are available upon request.

Sing and Dance during Annecy Animation Film Festival

We’ll be showcasing a fun & unique demo “Karaoxyz” in partnership with Xsens at MIFA taking place in Annecy from June, 11th to June, 14th 2019.

Visitors will embody a 3D character streamed in Unreal Engine and sing along as a TV talent show with a Karaoke set-up.
The character’s face will be animated with Dynamixyz Live Instant new technology and the body will move thanks to a comedian wearing a Xsens Body Mocap system.

Sessions will occur twice a day at 11 am and 4 pm at booths 2.014 and 2.015Register on Facebook !

Also our partner Piranha Bar will showcase their unique pipeline for real-time performance capture of stylized characters with Unreal Engine, using Dynamixyz and Xsens technologies.

Join Nicky Gogan and Gavin Kelly for a fascinating look into this innovative virtual production pipeline, powered by Unreal Engine at booth 6.001, Wednesday to Friday 12 pm and 2 pm.

Come and have fun !

Live Instant just tracks and retargets any face in real-time

We’ve just launched a new set of real-time solutions with a brand new generic tracking technology named Live Instant, along with our existing specific real-time tracking technology renamed Live Pro.

We’ve received an increasing demand for live-only systems – particularly for VR plays and live events for the last 18 months” – Dr Gaspard Breton, Dynamixyz CEO, says. “That is why we’ve focused on developing a generic tracking technology that can track automatically any face and solve the animation on any rig. Only a small prep of the 3D character’s rig is required.” The technology can also run on low-power devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Our R&D team testing Live Instant

This Live Instant solution will be available along with the Live Pro solution. This latter requires some initial setup phase to create the profile of an actor. Both solutions are complementary in a pipeline. Live Instant gives production teams instant previzualisation of facial animation for secondary characters during the shoot whereas Live Pro allows teams to get higher quality results for main characters. Live Instant appears to be a powerful asset for virtual production.


Miraculous Ladybug Live chat featuring our Live Pro System

Live Instant starts at $742/yr and will be commercially available from end of June.

SPECIAL FOR INDIES : Live Instant will be completely free until the end of year!

Unveiling Dynamixyz Stereo HMC

Dynamixyz now offers a complete Multi-View Markerless facial Mocap system including both software and hardware.

Like every HMC from the range, Dynamixyz Stereo HMC is robust, light and compact, leaving the field of view unobstructed bringing maximum comfort for the performer and the Mocap technician.

The Stereo comes in 3 versions: Tethered, Wireless (as described below) or Wireless Live

Multi-View Facial Mocap brings very accurate 3D tracking and organic-looking facial animations giving lifelikeness and aesthetic results.

Discover Monitor 3.2

Monitor enables control of any Grabber instance running on a remote computer. It also lets you control multiple Grabber instances at once, and provides an easy-to-use monitoring system for live performance or multi-actors recording performance.

Monitor now displays tracking result feedback from remote Grabber as well as red ghost positioning.

We also added a direct connection feature, allowing to connect a remote Grabber using its IP address.


Grabber 3.2 on air

We are very excited to introduce you to Grabber 3.2 bringing you new amazing features.

Go Multi-view

Grabber 3.2 is now supporting multi-view recording & tracking. It works with all industry standard solutions as well as Dynamixyz MV HMC.

Be ready to set the tune

Improving audio support, we made it possible to monitor the audio from the input, and to redirect everything to the audio output device of your choice.

Audio delaying has also been added. When using live tracking with your favorite 3D Engine (Unreal, Unity…), a slight delay due to tracking computation and 3D rendering might be experienced. Particularly useful during live performances, the delay feature lets you adjust perfect lip synchronization between the voice of your actor and the result of the animation.

Audio can be heard, but also seen! We added a couple of VuMeters to help you visualize and troubleshoot audio issues before recording.


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Boost your pipeline with Performer 2.7

PERFORMER 2.7 is now live adding brand new and exciting features to both Single-View and Multi-View software versions.

Annotation got smarter

Achieve more productive and time saving annotation using the “Smart Annotation” feature. It now displays a 3D mesh – like in the MV version – that gives a visual feedback as to how well the annotation approximates the actor’s face shape. A sequential annotation process now assists you in placing key landmarks (1) to estimate Translation (tip of nose), Rotation (eyes corner), Mouth, etc…  Annotation becomes simpler and less error-prone. When using Default Calibration, you can also manually tune the focal length to match your camera (2).

In addition, new buttons will allow you to close precisely and without risk of errors, the inside of the mouth and the eyes (3).

Last but not least, you can now annotate faster and more accurately using keyboard arrows as shortcuts to move points.

Audio is now supported

You can now use audio in Performer session mode to check tracking and animation results so you can get your character speaking and adjust lip sync. Audio is also particularly helpful to identify tricky phonemes (m and n, b and p for example).

Audio can be either extracted from the video input selection window or read from an external file.

You can sync audio and video at any time, during the input  selection and in session mode. Audio is managed per shot in the session mode.




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