Dynamixyz for Facial Motion Capture


Founded in April 2010, the success of Dynamixyz’ award-winning Performer software is the culmination of more than a decade of specializing in quality 3D face analysis and synthesis. The founders provide a strong core of R&D power to a constantly evolving market. Adding to a dedicated team of six PhD’s, leading research with one of the most famous French “Grande Ecole”, other team members also bring deep experience in computer programming and optimisation, international sales and partnership management.

The Performer Solution is Dynamixyz’ award-winning video-based facial capture and analysis solution. Since 2003, Dynamixyz’ team of PhD’s and engineers have designed animation systems, provided real-time photorealistic skin rendering, and developed advanced motion capture systems. The challenge of capturing the human face has always been the team’s specialist focus and, as a result, Dynamixyz’ Performer Solution has proved to be one of the most stable markerless facial tracking systems in the world.


Performer2 Multi-View software, a true game-changer in facial motion capture at SIGGRAPH 2018

Dynamixyz has released Performer2 Multi-View, the world’s first commercially-available software solution to run markerless facial capture on multi-camera streams, in-house, unlimited. Come experience our live demo and treat yourself with the ultimate markerless facial motion capture experience.


Dynamixyz releases the first facial motion capture tracking software for markerless in Multi-View

Most studios are currently equipped with marker-based or 2D markerless solutions for facial motion capture. Dynamixyz now brings to the market multi camera high quality markerless trackers that are also able to work in realtime with great precision. This new solution brings the precision of millimeter accurate 3D while privileging as always the markerless mode.

Market facts

The video game market and the movie industry are continuously growing while new markets such as Virtual Reality and live realtime computer graphics events are also emerging. Market specialists estimate that production will grow by around 40% every year for the next 5 years. In this very competitive market, production costs reduction and tight schedules are ever-growing constraints. More and more productions rely on Virtual Production or other optimized day-to-day shoot-to-animation pipelines without any time for retake or cleaning. In addition, it’s now common for productions such as AAA titles to feature massive amounts of animation, up to several millions of frames per title, in which case automated solutions is not only desirable but crucial.

Since 2010, Dynamixyz has been offering innovative solutions for production in the video game market and the film industry. Specializing in the capture and processing of facial movements, the company offers increasingly robust and refined solutions.


Since its creation, Dynamixyz has developed markerless technologies. For body tracking, most solutions use marker tracking or inertial suits to trace and reproduce movements, but the face is a densely deforming object exhibiting complex and subtle skin motion patterns, and as such requires an equally dense capture and analysis. Working with a markerless solutions fitting a face model on every frame offers fundamentally different outcomes:

  • No more time spend in makeup/removing makeup every day for the actor
  • Setup is achieved only once during a calibration phase and provides a once-and-for-all knowledge of the actor’s facial geometry and appearance, later used and reused for each production shot.
  • Once the software is calibrated for an actor, the latter can perform as many characters as needed
  • Once in production, raw animation output can be used as-is for most shots, requiring cleaning in 10% of the cases on average. A considerable time saver  and production cost-cutter
  • The system can process live performances (with real time modules) very easily on site
Live events and realtime

The number of realtime applications is constantly increasing with Virtual Production, Pre-visualisation and Live Events. Dynamixyz offers adaptations of its tracking and retargeting systems to provide solutions for this as well.

With Dynamixyz, production and real-time both build on from the same training data and algorithms. Results in real time are close to the offline production ones, while working at real time rates. Actually, the Real time version of the algorithm is really the exact same as the one used for offline production. In production the iterative 3D face fitting algorithm is given plenty of time iterations to deliver the best solution at each frame, when in real-time it is allowed fewer iterations to meet the real time constraint. Consequently, unlike other available real time solutions, ours can really be considered as a true pre-visualisation system of what offline results would look like.


The Multi-View system greatly enhances quality thanks to an accurate 3D tracking leading to more realism and faithfulness. The need for realism is an ongoing quest and becomes more and more important every day as we are getting more and more used to high quality content. While remaining markerless, the system can provide nearly close to maker-based tracking quality without the hassle of make-up and post-processing. After 4 years of development, Dynamixyz is proud to release the first real-time, 3D markerless multi-view capture software solution made commercially available as a software.

SIGGRAPH 2018, which is being held in Vancouver from August 12th to 16th, will be an opportunity to present this brand new technology. Dynamixyz will perform a live demonstration of Multi-View with a stereo Chest Mounted Camera system.

This hardware solution is also the first Chest Mounted Camera solution for Multi-View on the market. It makes it possible to shoot an interaction between actors with great quality preserving mobility and accuracy without being too cumbersome.